ASM Metalomecânica S.A. was founded in 1980 under the name of A. Silva Matos - Indústria Metalúrgica, Lda.

With a concern that goes beyond the production of its products, A Silva Matos Metalomecânica, S.A. has made Quality an imperative and enhancer in its affirmation in the markets where, in a progressive way, the company has being growing its presence.

The implementation of an Integrated Management System is the guarantee that the entire strategic policy of the company includes issues in Quality, Environment, Hygiene and Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility.

With a turnover of around 12 million euros and more than 100 employees, the company has always promoted the qualification of its employees as a factor for the future.

The mission of A Silva Matos Metalomecânica is to develop metal-mechanical solutions of production and or storage, in a perspective of creating lasting partnerships in the markets of action.
A Silva Matos Metalomecânica vision is to grow sustainably in the market for metal-mechanical solutions.
A Silva Matos Metalomecânica management philosophy of is based on a structure of 3 pillars, namely:
  • - Security
  • - Social Responsibility
  • - Sustained Growth
as a generator of the company's added value in the sector in which it operates, as well as in safeguarding the various direct and indirect stakeholders in the Organization.


The administration considers that Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Responsibility Management is the responsibility of everyone in the organization and is essential to the achievement of its mission, which one is based its vision and values, and its main a purpose is to satisfy the natural needs and exceed the expectations of its employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and society in general.

Continuous improvement and the effective performance of the company on all these aspects are based on the implementation of the best available techniques and good practices, in the establishment and periodic review of purpose and goals, and in the fulfillment of the updated legislation and other requirement applicable to its activity.

We believe in the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes, in the work of a motivated and cohesive team, in their health and safety by providing safe and healthy working conditions and by promoting consultation and participation, and in the protection of the environment, taking into account the risks and their consequences, the nature, the scale and the impacts of undertaken activities, to produce and to serve with the best relation quality/price.

We incorporate innovative technologies, using processes and methods that allow the development of products that meet customers’ expectations, minimizing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, promoting health and reducing occupational hazards.

The fulfillment of this policy is extremely important to the success of the company, as well as to its stakeholders. Therefore we share it with our shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, and we also make it available to all interested parties, in order to assure its understanding and commitment.

We also commit ourselves to behave as the main guiding pole of this policy.

Sever do Vouga, 31st of July of 2019

The Company`s President
Cláudia Matos Pinheiro



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